The multi-specialist chair for medical centres and outpatient surgeries

EDGE M is the new concept multi-specialist chair developed by Promed. The end result of technical solutions and innovative engineering, enabling professionals to perform any kind of examination and treatment: at medical centres, outpatient surgeries and dental surgeries.

EDGE M is the paramount tool that suits all clinics and private practices in any medical field.

EDGE M can be equipped with different accessories transforming the chair in the perfect working tool in Outpatient surgery, FUT and FUE hair transplants, dermatology and cosmetic surgery, diagnostics, outpatient surgery, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Edge interno

EDGE M is designed for the comfort of the patient and the ergonomic of the operator.

It reaches a minimum height of 53 cm (21” inches) and a maximum height of 93 cm (37” inches) allowing patients with medical conditions to easily access the chair from the front or the sides without any barrier, while allowing the operator to position the chair in a multiple range of heights
and inclinations enabling the perfect operating position.

Safety is guaranteed by the Anti-Crushing Technology that detects harmful impacts and stops the chair immediately.

EDGE M is conceived in a solid metal structure, painted with epossidic powder and operated with 3 silent linear actuators and one telescopic column by a multifunction foot control. The upholstery comprises 4 separate padded sections fully detachable for easy cleaning and disinfection, made of high density undeformable foam and the cover is a bi-elastic, abrasion-resistant, flame retardant and antimicrobial medical grade Skai available in over 50 different colours and textures.