100% steam sanitisation
against viruses, bacteria and allergens

ISOSAN by Promed is designed to sanitise equipment, surfaces and whole rooms using a combination of dry saturated steam and disinfectant*. Able to reach a steam temperature of 165°C, it kills 99.999% of viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi and spores.

Stream combined with disinfectant*

By fitting the “steam fogger” accessory, steam combines with detergent to produce sanitising fog. In contact with surfaces, the fog cools, condenses into disinfectant micro-droplets, and creates a protective sanitising film that guarantees the immediate, deep-down and long-lasting elimination of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.


made in Italy

Steel construction and copper boiler with external heating element

The equipment surrounds surfaces with a fast-drying fog. Made entirely in Italy, with a steel construction and copper boiler with external heating element, it saves energy during use and lasts longer as the heating element is not immersed in water.

Reaching a power output of 3kW, it reaches the work temperature more quickly (in just 7 minutes) and delivers 6 bar pressure. It uses tap water, which is added to the non-pressurised tank enabling constant sanitization cycles with no interruptions.